Anonymous / by Matt Shockey

The daffodils have made it home!!!! I can't write as well as Cara, but I've got a great story to tell... This painting is by Arkansas artist, Patrick Matthews, whom I have admired and followed for at least a decade.  I have wanted a painting of his for years, and promised myself that "one day" I would be in a position to purchase one.  I signed up for emails of his works and received them three or four times a year.  I would scroll down the pages and be thrilled by each painting  each one more than the one just before.  On Feb. 3rd came the latest email.  This time his work was being auctioned off by Waxlander Gallery in Santa Fe. I started my scrolling and low and behold the daffodils jumped off that page!!! I couldn't  believe my eyes!!! You see it was meant to be!!! That was THE painting that I had been waiting to buy!!  And why daffodils you are thinking?  They are my connection to Tippe.  It was our flower.  And look, isn't this a painting of Wye Mt.? That has a funny family story of its own.  Long story short... I bid on the painting Feb. 3rd.  The auction ended on Feb. 9.    I won the bid.  It shipped out last week.  I received it today... Cara's going home day.  Tippe and God knew I'd need a daffodil today, and they found a way to send me some!